Video Production


Video Production varies from project to project because no two videos are the same. Your video shoot may be on location, in the studio or a combination of both. Is the location a Sydney video production? Are we heading out to another location? Perhaps we’re shooting in your office? In a park? Or at the beach? Your production may involve interstate or even overseas travel.

Site visits and meetings

When we’re working on location it’s important for us to visit the space or location before our shoot. Doing this ensures there are appropriate spaces available for shooting or scenery matches what was envisaged. We listen to the location sounds and make a call about audio recording for the shoot.
In addition we like meeting the individuals participating in the video. We find this is a great ice-breaker for people who are nervous about being in the video. We can answer any questions individuals may have about the production. This puts them at ease around the day itself.
Logistically it’s not always viable for us to visit all locations prior to the video shoot. In these cases we arrive the day before shooting to scout great places to shoot next day and days following. If you have access to images of the location we’ll ask to see them so we can get our own picture of what you’re after in your video.



Depending on the scope of the project our crew may be minimal – a camera operator, his or her assistant and a producer. Or there may be a large crew – three cameras, two assistants, a sound recordist. their assistant, a lighting truck and technician, a data wrangler, the producer, the executive producer…. Really your budget and the scope of your video production project will dictate the amount of people on set.


The video production process should really be colour by numbers i.e. simple once we’re shooting. As the day unfolds you’ll see and hear the process of your video(s) coming to life. We work systematically and methodically through our shot list and make sure we’ve achieved everything we set out to achieve.
We’re always available throughout the day for questions and we communicate with you immediately if there is a problem on set. Weather is often our biggest challenge when shooting on location as is noise but we always find solutions for these issues.
Whatever the complexities of your shoot, our rigorous Video Briefing and Video Pre-Production phases mean the production stage should be smooth sailing.

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