The Briefing page shows a lot goes into video production. All projects involve complexity. Consequently this can be reflected in your video production quoting.


We are one of the most transparent Sydney video production companies. While much information is gathered at the Briefing stage our experience shows that things can change during production or post-production:

  • Weather – it’s best to plan a wet weather option for your video production.
  • People not comfortable in front of camera – we have perfected a method of getting people comfortable. If the video production is overwhelming for someone we may need to change production during the shoot.
  • Your brief may change after we shoot – this can blow out your video editing budget. Sticking to the plan agreed in Pre-Production is advised.
  • Multiple re-edits in the video editing process – minor changes add up to major time. Less small changes means more can be done during video editing in one large session.

Video Production Quoting

Firstly we always look to see where we can add more value. Our process means we find efficiencies across our productions. Our experience gauges this. Because of this we’ll tell you where there’s more value in your project. As a result your video production can become a content powerhouse for your business.

Many factors can change your video production quoting. As a result this can change your budget. We’ll advise you if we think you need to plan for more time or budget during every stage of your video production.

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