Before the Shoot

There’s many moving parts that are especially relevant and will be covered in Pre-Production for your videos.

Pre-Production is the most important part of any video production. Our video production process has proven that if you want your production to go according to plan spending time in Pre-Production is crucial. This is especially relevant on larger projects with more moving parts.



  • meetings.
  • emails.
  • Skype and phone calls.
  • brainstorming and white board sessions.
  • documenting.
  • summarising.
  • collating.
  • evaluating and finessing your video marketing ideas.
  • more meetings.
  • more phone calls.
  • probably more emails…you get the pointect?

We will discuss all of the elements of the video production process during the Pre-Production phase:


  • how much of the footage can we shoot ourselves?
  • if we can’t shoot the footage ourselves because of constraints (budget, location, deadline, permissions) we’ll consider the use of stock footage. We’ll make suggestions for you to preview before any purchases are made.
  • animations we will create for you. Almost all videos we produce will have some kind of animation element.
  • music options you have. There’s plenty. Get your earphones ready!
  • does your project requires a professional voiceover?
  • accessibility services (recommended for accessibility options as well as the potential SEO benefits).
  • the video editing style we’ll employ.
  • the tone, vibe and mood of each piece of video content.

Most noteworthy, we talk about why? Why are you making your videos? We’ll also ask you where will they live and how will they be distributed? What are you hoping to gain from producing them? These questions are important because they drive the heart of your project.


All of this will come before:

  • scripting.
  • storyboarding if necessary.
  • revision and review of concepts and proposed ideas.

We’ll do site visits and location scouting, team preparation and briefing in Pre-Production.

Thorough Pre-Production means no surprises during Production and Post-Production. This is due to the communication channels we have established and the processes that we follow. Most of all it means the actual video production becomes a checklist. It’s a series of things we know that we have to capture once the cameras are rolling.

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