Video Editing or Post-Production is a complex process.

First of all we:

  • back up your data.
  • back it up again.
  • ingest your footage into our video editing software.
  • transcode your footage.

Then we:

  • edit your footage.
  • edit after you have reviewed.

Finally we:

  • transcode your footage again.
  • compress your footage.
  • export your footage.


We take the complexity out of the video editing process for you. As a result you won’t need to worry about anything except reviewing the latest version sent to you.

The time it takes


Video Editing or Post-Production is predicted on the number of hours or days we think it will take to edit your video. Generally most videos take two or three days to edit. Some video editing projects are more complex yet others may only take one day. We make our assessment during our Briefing stage. Here we’ll let you know how long we think your video editing will take.
A day’s video edit can span across multiple calendar days. As a result we keep an accurate track of how much time has been used. Most of all we let you know when we are nearing the number of quoted editing days.



To make your video editing job easy we use a number of platform-based video preview and feedback software solutions – Wipster, Vimeo and Frame. These can be accessed by you and your team anywhere in the world at any time. Because of this you’ll feel 100% across the video production process.
When we get to the video editing stage we’ll give you simple instructions on how you can give feedback. This can help you save both time and money.
There should be no surprises in Post-Production. Investing enough time in our Pre-Production and Production stages means your Post-Production journey should be smooth sailing.

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