The Outcome You Actually Want

Your videos are now ready for you to wow your audience because your video production is ready for delivery.

File type

What file types will we deliver your videos in? The answer is really any type you need! Our Pre-Production process works out how your videos will be served to your audience. Our video editing process looks at file type, size and codec. Therefore whatever file you need we have you covered.
Often our clients don’t know what file type, codec or size they need. That’s ok! We can easily work this out with you.


How we deliver

First of all we access Dropbox, WeTransfer and Hightail to deliver video production content daily. In addition our feedback platforms – Wipster, Vimeo and Frame – all have delivery options. Tell us what platform you’d like us to use and we’ll deliver your videos that way.
What is especially relevant is some video files are too large for digital delivery. Here we’ll copy your files to an external hard drive. Finally we’ll arrange for your video production files and deliver to you by courier.

Original files

Clients will ask if they have the right to keep the RAW footage from the video shoot. The answer is yes. While this is the case there is a usage fee depending on where the videos will be used.


Clients are warned the file type that comes straight out of our cameras can’t be easily read. We use professional video production equipment meant for editing on professional video editing software. Consequently the original camera files are useless to the client.


If you need the camera files we’ll arrange the data to be re-transcoded for you at an additional cost. Furthermore if you do need the original files from your video production we’ll work out the best way to deliver them to you.

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We can honestly say that each job is tailor made to your project needs.  The first step for you is a casual chat where we can outline your needs and get working on your solution.