When you contact us to help you with your next production we will start with your brief. A great video production briefing assists us in helping you get exactly what you want for your videos.

Video Production Briefing

Your brief should be as specific as possible, covering all aspects of the project. There’s many possible aspects that will go into the video we make with you.

These include:

  • what type(s) of video(s) are we creating for your video project?
  • what are the scope of works E.g. Are you looking for a video blog, a multi-video campaign piece or just some video editing?
  • date of shoot.
  • location of shoot.
  • the required length of video(s) on delivery.
  • your budget.
  • examples of work you’ve seen you are inspired by or would like to emulate.
  • the reasons for your new video production project.
  • what your ROI looks like for your video production project.
  • where will your videos live once they are published?
  • what is your deadline for delivery?
  • who would we be working with on your video production project?

As you can see, there’s many different factors to consider when quoting. The more details we get at the video production briefing stage the more accurate your estimate will be. If we have any questions we’ll call you to clarify. Click over to our Quoting page and see what we take into account during that stage of your video production.

If your video project is based in Sydney we’ll arrange a meeting with you and talk through your brief. It’s always best that all stake holders be present during these meetings. This saves time in Pre-Production. It also ensures everyone involved feels like we are on the same page.

If you’re based in another city or country we will arrange a Skype call with you to discuss your brief.

Ready to get started?

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We can honestly say that each job is tailor made to your project needs.  The first step for you is a casual chat where we can outline your needs and get working on your solution.