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Adam Monaghan

Director and Executive Producer

Adam has lived many lives including intensive care nurse and advertising sports photographer. His eye for detail ensures your videos always look and sound great. When Adam is on set he makes the camera disappear. Anyone who sits in front of the camera walks away with a smile on their face.

Roles: Director, Executive Producer, Script Writer, Account Manager, Editor (FCPX), Stills Photographer.


Did you know?...

Growth in watch time on YouTube is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years (2013 – 2016).

Did you know?...

Video views on Facebook grew more than 50% from May through July of 2016.

Did you know?...

The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% year on year since March 2014.

Did you know?...

Since June 2016 there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.

Did you know?...

The number of users visiting YouTube who start at the YouTube homepage, similar to the way they might turn on their TV, is up more than 3x year on year.

Did you know?...

More than 65% of Facebook’s video views are happening on mobile.

Did you know?...

80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.

Did you know?...

The number of hours people spent watching videos on mobile through YouTube is up 100% year on year.

Did you know?...

In 2016 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video.

Did you know?...

80% of users recall a video they viewed in the past 30 days.

Did you know?...

Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97%.

Did you know?...

Enjoyment of video ads increase brand association by 139%.

Did you know?...

59% of senior managers would rather watch video than read text.


About Content Productions

You know that video is the key to getting your message out there, winning customers and beating your competition ­– but where do you start?

At Content Productions we take the time to work with you on your ideas and concepts from inception to delivery and always make sure there’s an end goal in mind. Our philosophy is simple – if there’s no business goal for your video why produce it?

Our team has decades of combined experience working across digital, advertising, TV and film production. Company Director Adam Monaghan hand selects from his talent pool the right person for the right project. Our aim is to make every project you do with us efficient, effective and enjoyable.

For a lot of people, video is dumped firmly in the ‘too hard basket’. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether we’re planning, scripting, shooting or editing your project you’ll always know where it’s at and where it’s headed.

To find out more about Content Productions and how we can help you with your next video production call us today on 1800 843 361.

"The team was able to draw out of me a better appreciation of what I do and this cumulated in a video which more than superseded all of my expectations, and through their vision still retained the core of what I was trying to achieve on my own (they actually listen to their clients)."

Adam Elliott, Founder
Can't Skate

"I have personally worked on several feature films and documentaries for Film and Television as a production designer with much larger and expensive crews achieving many industry awards. I have no hesitation in working with Content Productions as they deliver the required finished product every time."

Stephen Woods, Founder
Arcade Screen Printing

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